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English fans attack Italians after EURO 2020 loss; hurl racist abuses, vandalise flag

English fans attack Italian fans at Wembley Stadium, London, Sunday night during Euro 2020 final.

Several football fans who were in London to catch the Euro 2020 Final took to Twitter to share the videos of England fans at being ‘sore losers.’

After Italy lifted the EURO 2020 trophy against England in an epic finale to the European Championships Sunday night, July 11 violence ensued at the stadium and onto the streets of London with disgruntled England fans unleashing mayhem onto their Italian counterparts.

While the aftermath of the match saw both celebrations and mourning, it also saw an ugly side of some England sports fans who began to physically, verbally, and racially attacking their Italian counterparts.

The streets of London saw vandalism and violence which escalated to physical brawls between some groups. In some visuals, English fans were seen insulting Italy’s national flag by stomping on it.

“Unbelievable footage of violence in Wembley tonight. A literal child gets punched by a full grown man and an Asian man is kicked repeatedly in the head by several people. Disgusting behaviour,” tweeted @KyleJGlen who accompanied his post with a video of the violence at Wembley Stadium.

“Italy fans were attacked after the game in Wembley, London. Seeing all the racial slurs being thrown at (Jadon) Sancho, (Marcus) Rashford and (Bukayo) Saka, I’m really happy Italy won,” posted @melvinnasasira, referring to racial abused hurled at the three young English players by their own supporters on social media.

Some were claiming that the people who were attacked at Wembley Stadium were gatecrashers, fans without tickets who forced their way into the stadium.

But, some commented that it still did not justify the violence against them.

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